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Welcome to the Encryption Gaming Website!


Here is where you will find Server Information, Rules,

Helpful Commands, Contacts, and our Donation Page!

Lightning Fast

Our server runs on the best hardware possible with very low latency, thanks to our host Streamline Servers

Highly Customized

Countless aspects of our server have been finely tweaked to give our players the best Rust experience

Up To Date

We strive to keep our server up to date, ensuring the best plugin performance with little to no downtime

We Strive To Be Different

| Custom Plugins | Friendly Staff | Constant Updates | Unique Experience | Great Community

Instead of just using default plugins and being inactive,
We take our time to create a truly unique Rust experience

Vote For Our Server!

Every vote we get helps increase our server ranking, which effectively promotes the server to more players. More players means more fun, so go vote!

Interested In Donating?

Running a server is not an easy task, it takes quite a lot of time, patience, and funding. Donating to our server helps us pay for hosting, it truly keeps us moving forward!

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Server Features


Watch out around monuments!
Hordes are anywhere between 3-8 Zombies


Carry more items with you!
Careful, you lose the items on death


Reskin all of your items with popular skins!
All accepted & trending skins are available


Share your items with your clan members!
Automatic authorization is enabled

Fancy Drop

No waiting years for Supply Drops!
Loot is modified to be very generous

Rotating Pickups

Items rotate on the ground when dropped!
No more digging through the grass

Helpful Commands


    • /ad #
    • /backpack
    • /bgrade #
    • /cargo
    • /chinook
    • /clanhelp
    • /discord
    • /dtd
    • /donate
    • /heli
    • /ipanel
    • /kit
    • /players
    • /playtime
    • /remove
    • /sethome #
    • /skinbox
    • /statsui
    • /share help
    • /shop
    • /trade 'name'
    • /vote & /claim
    • /voteday
Automatically close doors (0 to disable)​
Open your backpack (F1 --> bind b
Automatically upgrade while building
Show the time until the next cargo ship is spawned
Show the time until the next chinook is spawned
Create/Manage a clan of your own
Show our Server Discord Link
Show info about the current Dangerous Treasures
Show our Server Donation Link
Show the time until the next heli is spawned
View iPanel Settings, such as toggle display
Check redeemable player kits
View a list of all online players & staff
Show your current rank & time played
Use the building removal tool
Set a home and teleport to it (use /home #)
Reskin your items with tons of popular skins
Toggle the ZLevels stats display on your screen
Automatically share items with your clan
Open the GUI shop to buy items with credits
Safely trade with another player
Display the vote link & claim your rewards
Vote for night time to be skipped

Server Rules

1) No harassing other players (Just don't be a total dick)
2) No using more than 2 layers of External High Walls around your base
3) No walling off monuments, Quarries are allowed to be walled off
4) No using Cheats, Hacks, Macros, Exploits, or Autoclickers
5) VAC bans must be older than 120 days, No Game Shared Accounts
6) No impersonating staff or posing as having authority
7) No use of overtly racist words in chat, including PM/Clan
8) No advertising or posting links in chat, including PM/Clan
9) No spamming chat or commands, including PM/Clan